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1 - Become an OCD-UK Member - Annual Payments

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2 - Awareness and Information Gift

Choose your free gift, and select optional discounted priced gifts from OCD-UK

Because not everybody wants leaflets or booklets about OCD, we allow members to choose which item they would prefer to receive with their membership package. You may choose a single complimentary OCD awareness or educational gift as part of your membership package, and purchase additional items for special introductory prices.
Leave fields blank if you do not wish to purchase any gifts. This offer is limited to a maximum of 20 per item.

Please select your complimentary OCD-UK gift
Qty to buy Net Price
OCD Information Booklet - £1.00
Children’s (6-12) OCD Booklet (A4) - 50p
Young People's (Teens) OCD Guide (DL) - 50p
A Parent's Guide to Child/Teen OCD (A5) - 50p
Lapel Pin Badge - £1.00
Wristband - adult size - £1.00
Wristband - youth size - £1.00
Cotton Bag - £1.50
No Free Gift
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3 - Are you outside the UK?

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Due to the additional postage costs of sending membership packs and quarterly magazines abroad, we have to charge our overseas members a little more (including those in Ireland). The cost is slightly reduced for those overseas members that choose to receive their subsequent magazines electronically.



4 - Your Membership Donation

The amount you wish to donate annually

This will be a regular membership subscription to OCD-UK.  You will make your first payment today and then a subsequent payment will be taken this time next year. You have full control over the amount to be paid and you can cancel at any time, although we do ask for a minimum of £24 annually.

Although we only ask for a membership payment of £24 a year, many of our members actually pay a little more, £25 or £30 for example.  Some even pay £50 or even more, the choice is entirely yours. You can change the amount at any time should your financial circumstances change.

(Remember, please pay a minimum of £24)


5 - Sub Total

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Reason for interest in OCD-UK:
I have / have  had OCD
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My partner has OCD
I am a friend of someone with OCD
I am a health professional
No particular reason
Email Address:
* Please tick this box if you prefer to receive your newsletters and communications electronically by email, rather than as a hard copy by normal post. Please note that your initial membership pack will be posted to you as a hard copy.  Please advise below if you do not require this.


7 - Details of Person Paying for Membership

Please enter the details of the person paying for the Membership. Be sure to have their permission before doing so.

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8 - Gift Aid Your Membership Donation

Gift Aid It

Please use Gift Aid and you can make your payment worth more at no extra cost to yourself! For every pound you give to us, we can claim an extra 28 pence from the Inland Revenue. So just tick below, It’s that simple!Gift Aid It

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Yes, I am a UK tax payer and would like OCD-UK to treat all donations I have made, as well as any future donations, as Gift Aid until I notify them otherwise. I understand that I must have paid an amount of income tax / capital gains tax at least equal to the amount that OCD-UK (and other charities you donate Gift Aid to) will reclaim in the tax year in which the gift was given.

Read more about gift aid to confirm if you are eligible to declare Gift Aid.


9 - Notes

Please use this box to post any comments / questions?



10 - Final step before proceeding to the payment centre

By clicking the button you agree to pay OCD-UK the minimum fee of £24 for membership over the next 12 months, and you will be charged the same amount this time next year unless you contact us and ask us to cancel the agreement in the next 12 months.

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Shop with confidence Your order will be processed on our behalf by WorldPay Plc who specialise in the secure online capture and processing of online transactions. The credit card form is secure and all processing of your order is automatic.

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