Between the Ears

For many people with OCD, being creative is an outlet to express their feeling about OCD and how it impacts on their daily lives. This poem is one such example.

Between the Ears
By Andy

There are places in the mind
It sees what it can find
To really hurt and destroy you
You know that it's not true
But there is nothing you can do
The “what ifs”  sticks like glue

A glimpsing thought it grabs your flawed imagination
The rush of fear projects personal damnation
Checking and checking to be reassured
It never comes just opens more doors

The spiral continues projecting your fears
It knows what to do to reduce you to tears
It's not reality, but that don't count
In your mind it's so true, you are so full of doubt

Your sensitised mind is looking to find
Anxiety and worry into your soul it grinds
False memories and fears, distorted perceptions
Between your ears there's a big deception

But setbacks aren't failures
With OCD-UK by my side
In the search for  tranquility
I will not be confined……

Poem written by Andy.

This work is copyright of the author and must not be reproduced without the consent and permission of the author. OCD-UK hold the name and contact information of the author.

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