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There are lots of OCD blogs (taken from the term web log) on the internet, from time to time we will publish some of those via our website. 

OCD and Me

Blog by Bellsie, OCYours

First of all, I should introduce myself – I’m Bellsie, a student from a big Anglo-French family in the west of France. Bellsie is not my real name, but it is what my family and friends call me. I like to think that I’m not anonymous – it wouldn’t take much Googling to find me, but I also feel that it’s important to feel that I can write on here without the worry that it will come back to haunt me.

My OCD didn’t start suddenly, it slid quietly into my life, gently pulling me in. Although I had always been an anxious person, it is hard to see what was OCD and what were normal childhood worries and rituals, and too easy to label all as pathological. The line is blurred and it’s too convenient to be able to retrospectively spot early warning signs. I was always concerned about safety and moral debates and it would be fair to say that I’ve always been a black and white thinker – things were either right or wrong and there was no room for manoeuvre.

Article posted on: Sun, 26/05/2013 - 11:42pm

Dear Mum...

Blog written by 'My Mind Outlined' ‏@mymindoutlined

Blog written by 'My Mind Outlined' ‏@mymindoutlined, March 2013.

It is Mother's Day this weekend and below is a letter I have written to my own mum which I have shared on my blog for two reasons. Firstly I want to say a public thank you to my mum for all the unconditional love and support she has shown me during some difficult times. This has been something I have been unable to do before now as I have not been open about my OCD. Secondly, I want to highlight the impact that OCD has, not only on the sufferer of the condition, but also on those close to them.

Dear Mum...

Article posted on: Sat, 09/03/2013 - 1:31pm

Dear OCD...

My Mind Outlined

Blog written by 'My Mind Outlined' ‏@mymindoutlined, January 2013.

Dear OCD...
Twenty years ago you entered my life and since then you have been with me every step of the way. You have been there with me constantly but unlike a loyal partner or friend, you have dragged me down in good times and dragged me down even further in bad times. You have been inside my head, like a broken record stuck on the same section and repeating the same thing over and over again. Making me anxious about doing everyday things and asking constant ‘what if’ questions. What if someone gets injured as a result of my actions? What if I, or someone around me falls ill because I haven’t washed my hands again?  You have made everything around me seem like a danger zone and I regularly feel compelled to carry out the tasks that, in my mind, will stop your constant questions in my head. But of course the questions don’t stop. No doubt something else will happen and you will start the whole cycle of questions again, this time much stronger and louder than before.

OCD-UK Editorial - Why not write your own 'Dear OCD' letter, either for yourself, or share with your therapist, or with OCD-UK.

Article posted on: Fri, 01/02/2013 - 4:00pm

Retreating but better armed

Blog by Girl with the Hat

Blog written by 'Girl with the Hat', January 2013.

As I explained in my blog last June, I took a big step in December 2011 by moving in with a friend and I explained why this was such a big step.

This Christmas I made another big decision – and that was to move out and back in with my parents. A big part of me didn’t want to do this as it felt like a backward step for someone of my age, but in the end I know it’s the right decision for me. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time in the house, however it’s not been somewhere I’ve really been able to relax. In fact it’s felt like I’ve been living in a self-catering holiday cottage & if you read my post on why holidays for me are not restful, you might understand why this has been a problem.

Article posted on: Fri, 25/01/2013 - 8:25am

Reflecting on 2012

My Mind Outlined

Blog written by 'My Mind Outlined' ‏@mymindoutlined, December 2012.

Reflecting on 2012
It is at this time of year that I start to reflect on the last year and plan for the one ahead. One of the key things that has featured in my life over the past 12 months is OCD, both in a positive and a negative way. I won’t focus on the negatives as most of you will be aware of the daily struggles that sufferers face and I have written about these in previous blog articles. Looking at the positives, I feel that the OCD awareness campaign has made significant progress thanks to the hard work and perseverance of many determined and brave people out there.

Article posted on: Thu, 27/12/2012 - 3:26pm

Is OCD real?

Blog by Girl with the Hat

Blog written by 'Girl with the Hat', November 2012.

I’ve just read a forum thread about whether or not OCD is real (you can read it for yourself here). For those of us fighting the battle on a daily basis, or know someone who is, this is a ridiculous question. Of course OCD is real. I’ve been living with it for 10-years and it really isn’t a whole lot of fun. I wish it was made up so that I could take the day off from it and do all the fun things that it stops me from doing!

Article posted on: Tue, 20/11/2012 - 3:59pm


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