Channel 4 ignoring concerns for ratings?

This week Channel 4 will once again broadcast a new series of their Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners despite the distress the series causes to those that suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Despite widespread concerns being raised by charities and people affected by Obsessive Compulsive Disorder directly with Channel 4’s Chief Executive and disability advisor they have chosen to repeatedly ignore these concerns and continue to commission and broadcast this latest series. With the concerns ignored, we can only assume ratings far more important to Channel 4 than taking on board the concerns raised.   Some of the concerns raised about the programme include:

  • Ridicules people with OCD
  • Continues to offer a false stereotype representation of what OCD is
  • Adds to the stigma that people with OCD face
  • Trivialises the intense anxiety and suffering that people with OCD go through
  • Insinuates that people enjoy their cleaning behaviours giving false representation about what OCD is

If Channel 4 wish to make a programme about people that enjoy cleaning that is of course their prerogative, but they should not be using OCD to add ‘quirkiness’ to such an uninspiring television programme.

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