Social Selfie - BDD Style

Clarissa's BDD Selfie

Social selfies is the latest social media internet craze, with the #nomakeupselfie hashtag trending across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where women posted barefaced without make-up selfies of themselves on social media. Cancer charities have received hundreds of thousands more donations than usual in the last 24 hours after women posted the barefaced selfies of themselves, each donating a few pounds to the cancer charities before nominating friends to do the same.

Earlier today we received the following email from Helen.

"My friend suffers from BDD and recently posted a no make-up selfie to raise awareness of cancer and BDD. She hadn't taken a photo of herself in nearly four years and I'm incredibly proud of what she has done. So rather than donating to a cancer charity I have decided to make my donation to yourselves in support of the more unknown causes and charities.

Upon receiving the email we were absolutely delighted to read that this social media craze helped Helen's friend challenge her BDD, an absolutely brilliant and remarkable achievement. So after a brief email conversation with Helen, and checking with her friend, Clarissa, we are delighted to show Clarissa's selfie.

Clarissa 1 - BDD 0!

If anybody else with OCD or BDD suffers with similar fears and would like to take up this selfie challenge, we would be delighted to receive your images and publish your photos too!

We are publishing this email and Clarissa's photo with their kind permission.

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