Complaints procedure

Every year OCD-UK helps hundreds of people. However, every so often thing may go wrong, and leaving you feeling like you need to complain.

We take pride in our work, and the way we work with you, and for you, so if we have failed in meeting your expectations, we want to hear from you.

We would hope to prevent your concerns from becoming a complaint by addressing them at the earliest possible opportunity. We recognise that this does not always happen and you may feel the need to submit a formal complaint. We aim to answer all complaints in a timely and comprehensive manner. It is our intention to respond to your complaint with an honest explanation and wherever possible a reasonable resolution.

Step 1  -  Contact OCD-UK
Contact us through email ( or through telephone on 03332 127 890 to informally discuss your concern, in most cases we are able to provide answers and resolution at this stage. If your complaint is in relation to our discussion forums you may also contact any member of the moderating team.

Step 2  -  Escalation
If you are not satisfied with the informal resolution we recommend you escalate your concerns to Chief Executive by emailing or by calling 03332 127 890.

Step 3  -  Formal Complaint
If steps 1 or 2 are not appropriate for your complaint, or do not lead to a satisfactory resolution please submit a formal complaint in writing to: OCD-UK Management Chair, OCD-UK, Marble Hall, 80 Nightingale Road, Derby DE24 8BF.

We take all complaints extremely seriously, and will be discussed at length at our monthly management meeting. We therefore aim to answer all formal complaints within 4 weeks of receipt.

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