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Taken outside Buckingham Palace during our 2010 Kids day out

Can you help children like these with OCD?

Since 2004, OCD-UK has been helping adults and children with OCD, as well as their families and the mental health professionals who treat them. We are the only full-time UK organisation that is solely dedicated to OCD and that is entirely user-led.

For both children and adults with OCD it can often be confusing, daunting and scary when first diagnosed. During this difficult time we offer advice, information, support and an understanding ear, and offer sufferers comfort in the knowledge that they are not alone and that they can get better.

Our ability to fulfil our mission and expand our outreach depends on the generosity of people like you. Every pound you contribute helps literally transform the lives of people who are affected by this often debilitating anxiety disorder.

Please help us support others like these children by making a donation today. You can choose to make a single one-off donation, or perhaps you prefer to make a regular ongoing monthly donation, the choice is yours. If you would like to use your monthly donation to become a member of OCD-UK, please click here.

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Our payments are processed safely and securely by our payment provider, Worldpay, part of the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Our payments are processed safe and securely by our payment provider, Worldpay, part of the Royal Bank of Scotland.

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