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OCD Camp - BBC Three

Following the controversy surrounding the recent awful Channel 4’s Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners, a series which was masquerading as some kind of serious OCD programme, this week the first of three new, and hopefully much improved OCD programmes hits the screen on BBC Three this Tuesday at 9pm. Two more OCD documentaries are due to be broadcast on ITV and Channel 4 later this year.

A two-parter, BBC Three's Extreme OCD Camp (we can forgive them the title, if the programme is good) follows six young sufferers as they travel to Seattle in the US for a radical treatment programme (their words, not ours). One of those featured is Olivia, who OCD-UK members will remember shared her story in our July 2012 Compulsive Reading magazine. We asked her how she found the experience of taking part in the OCD Camp.

"It was the most amazing time of my life; met such incredible and received such valuable help! It's definitely changed me for the better; my OCD has really improved since I went away. Olivia told us.

She went on to say, "I think being around five other people that knew exactly where I was coming from, was so helpful. I didn't have to hide any of my rituals or lie about what I was doing because I was embarrassed; it was so refreshing to just be able to tell them why I was ritualising and have them support me.

"Really incredible experience. I hope the show is well received!"

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