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Nottingham Music Fundraiser - Friday 26th June

Later this month OCD-UK volunteer Rastarella will be hosting an evening of live music in Nottingham on behalf of OCD-UK. The music fundraiser will include local artists including IamStarz, Monique Henry, Emily Franklin, Elena Hargreaves, Daisy Godfrey and another OCD-UK volunteer performing, Dan Heathcote.

Entry costs just £5 with proceeds coming to our charity, so if you are East Midlands based or just fancy a great night of music then come along to the Maze in Nottingham from 8pm on Friday 26th June.


Article posted on: Tue, 02/06/2015 - 11:21am

An OCD charity?! There is a charity for THEM?! - Why Preeti is running

Run for OCD next year

Unfortunately we do not have any places for the 2015 Virgin London Marathon, however Preeti secured her own place through the public ballot and chose to run for our charity next year. On her fundraising page she explained why she is running for OCD-UK.

'An OCD charity?! There's a charity for THEM?!' That is a real reaction from someone after I told them I was running to raise money for OCD-UK. And there are probably others who will have similar reactions as they start reading this, even if they don't say it out loud. If I'm honest, I'm not surprised. The condition is greatly misunderstood. The term 'OCD' is now being used in everyday language to describe someone who is fussy or likes things in order (for example). How many times have you heard someone say 'I'm a little bit OCD about that'. But this couldn't be further from the truth.

The reason I am running the London Marathon is not just to raise money, but to change perceptions. I want people to understand the realities of OCD so that sufferers feel able to seek help and access the right treatment. So if you are unable to donate, then please don't worry. I would just really appreciate it if you took a few minutes to have a look at the following website:

Article posted on: Sat, 15/11/2014 - 2:40pm

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem Thanks

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem in Nottingham supporting OCD-UK

Huge thanks to Tammy, Karl and their colleagues and the customers of the Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem in Nottingham for supporting OCD-UK through placement of OCD-UK collection boxes. For those coming to our annual conference in Nottingham later this year we will be including a visit to the Ye Olde Trip as part of our social activity on the Friday and Saturday evening.

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Inspired by the London Marathon?

OCD-UK at the London Marathon

Are you inspired by Charmaine and the other fantastic runners in today's London Marathon? Inspired enough to participate in a fundraising challenge for OCD-UK?

We hope so, fundraising is one of the core income streams that help ensure our charity remains financially self-sufficient.

Perhaps you would like to run for OCD-UK, or cycle from London to Brighton, or participate in an overseas trek, or feel the adrenaline rush of a tandem skydive or take on your own challenge. From cake baking sells to marathon running, there is something for everyone to fundraise for OCD-UK. Fundriasing is a great way to support the charity, but also of equal importance to help raise awareness about OCD.

Overseas challenges
Other ideas

Why not start by taking part in Europe's largest 10k event, the Great Manchester Run on Saunday 18th May?

We have got lots of organised fundraising events available and we really appreciate the commitment of our fantastic fundraiser's and in return we promise to support you every step of the way.

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My OCD Experience by Charmaine

Run for OCD-UK

Blog written for the OCD-UK members magazine, Compulsive Reading by Charmaine in September 2013.

This weekend Charmaine is lining up on the start line in Greenwich and running the Virgin London Marathon in an OCD-UK running vest. This is her story and her journey with OCD and the reason why she is putting herself through those 26.2 miles on Sunday.

My OCD Experience

I can’t remember the precise moment when my Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder began. There wasn’t a defining trigger or particular upsetting incident that prompted my worries; you could say that the onset was more like a ticking clock that subtly became more deafening.

Article posted on: Fri, 11/04/2014 - 1:07pm

Latest Compulsive Reading Available

Become a member of OCD-UK to receive your copy of Compulsive Reading

The latest publication of the OCD-UK magazine, Compulsive Reading will be with OCD-UK members later this week.

So if you're not already a member, now is a great time to become a member of OCD-UK! To receive copies of this and other magazines, in addition to receiving lots of other member benefits, all you need to do is become a member of OCD-UK. Click here to become a member.

The magazine provides a great mix of community content, OCD related news and personal stories including exclusive content not published online. You may take a closer look at one of our magazines by downloading a previous issue free of charge.

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Robyn meet Robin - New OCD-UK Christmas Card

Robyn meet Robin by Alica Ballard

We know it's still October, but we thought we better remind you that we will once again be selling festive Christmas Cards this year to raise funds for our charity. Our new addition to our catalogue for 2013 is this lovely design by OCD-UK Member, Alicia. She created Robyn meet Robin (pictured) with her aunt in mind, and inspired by our Compulsive Reading article about the OCD/BDD Springfield service, where her Aunt was a patient and is currently battling her OCD.

Article posted on: Thu, 24/10/2013 - 6:09pm


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