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Olivers roller marathon

Oliver's Goodwood Roller Marathon

A huge thank you to Oliver who recently completed the fantastic Goodwood Roller Marathon in August. For Oliver, this meant getting his skates on and skating 26.6 miles (11 laps) around the famous Goodwood motor circuit all in aid of OCD-UK, and so far already raising £350 for OCD-UK, and with a pledge to match that from his employers, Barclays.

Article posted on: Tue, 04/10/2011 - 10:03pm

We need your help, TODAY!

By Kylie Cloke, Chair of OCD-UK

For those of you who are members, and who have read the last edition of Compulsive Reading, you will have been enlightened on some of the work that OCD-UK has participated in over the past year. I am assuming that if you're reading this website that OCD has impacted on your own life in some way, and therefore I hope that our annual review has helped to reassure you that the charity is working in the right direction to make positive change for the OCD community.

My reason for writing this message is to ask for your help – members and non-members alike – to support our charity. As our annual review shows, we have not only successfully operated our charity with a minuscule amount of money , we are operating very frugally). We are extremely proud of what we can achieve with limited funds – however, these limited funds are becoming harder and harder to come by. And the crux of it all is, that without this money, OCD-UK will no longer be able to operate – and we need you to help us to ensure that this worry does not become a reality.

To put this in terms of time, we anticipate that without substantial financial support, OCD-UK will run out of money in early 2012, which demonstrates the importance of your membership donations and fundraising to support our charity.

Article posted on: Sun, 14/08/2011 - 8:01pm

Other ways to fundraise for OCD-UK

OCD-UK needs your help to work with even more adults and children affected by OCD in the UK.

For some, their your circumstances, mean they can not offer any financial contribution or participate in a fund-raising event for us, but the good news is that you can still help OCD-UK financially just by changing your online habits to support our charity.

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Text donate to OCD-UK

Text donate 'GIVE04 £10' to 70070

Donating by text message is a quick and simple way to give to OCD-UK and can be a convenient and spontaneous additional way for people to give small amounts to OCD-UK.

Our individual TXT donation code is 'GIVE04', you then text this code to 70070 along with an amount (£1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10) and simply send your text to make that donation amount.

All text donations are free other than the donation amount, and won't come out of any inclusive texts you have as part of your price plan - even if you're not with Vodafone, you simply pay the cost of your donation. When you make a text donation, it'll either be deducted from your mobile phone credit or added to your mobile phone bill - and you won't pay any VAT on your donation.

Article posted on: Sat, 13/08/2011 - 8:51pm

OCD-UK Collection Box

Place an OCD-UK collection box

Nobody but us knows better that every penny counts! So if you work in or manage a shop or other public premises, then why not ask permission to place an OCD-UK collection box in your premises!

And should it be you behind the counter, when someone donates or asks about the charity or OCD, what a great chance to enlighten people about our work and the illness! And that extra smile to a customer could go a long way!

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Stamp collect for OCD-UK

Stamp collect for OCD-UK

Saving and collecting your used stamps is another great way you can help raise a few pence for OCD-UK with no additional cost to yourself! All you need to do is save the stamps on postal letters that you receive, so before throwing your old envelopes away, remember to tear off the used stamp first and store them in a safe place until you have plenty to send to OCD-UK. We then sell them on in bulk to earn a few quid for the charity.

Article posted on: Sat, 13/08/2011 - 4:42pm

Waitrose Community Matters

Waitrose Community Matters

If you shop at Waitrose please nominate OCD-UK as your chosen local charity by completing the nomination form found in store.

Three good causes receive a share of £1,000 every month from the Waitrose Community Matters initiative. The charities and community groups are selected by nominations from customer and Waitrose employees, so please be sure to nominate OCD-UK in your local store.

Customers shopping in store are given a green token in which they can vote for which of that month’s three charities they want to receive the donation by placing the token in one of three Perspex tubes. At the end of the month the cash is divided up in proportion to the number of tokens a charity has received.

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