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CADAT Workshop - Treating Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

CADAT workshop
This event is independent of OCD-UK. We provide this listing for information purposes only and is not necessarily an endorsement for the event.


This conference is suitable for all those who are interested in working with patients suffering from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

Location: Central London
Date: Monday 20th April 2015
Presented by: Blake Stobie (SLaM) & David Veale (SLaM/KCL)
Cost: From £99 plus booking fee
Workshop website: To book your place visit the CADAT website.

Blake and David will present ways of maximising the effectiveness of CBT techniques in treating OCD. Common difficulties which therapists encounter and ways of resolving these will be discussed and practised. Factors which complicate OCD treatment and ways of modifying standard CBT treatments in order to meet the needs of severe or treatment resistant clients will be presented. Participants will be encouraged to actively contribute to the workshop case presentations, exercises, role plays and discussion, in order to maximise the applicability of the workshop to their clinical work.

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Conference Update

This weekend we will be hosting our annual OCD conference in Nottingham over two days.

Friday 31st October will be a conference specifically for health professionals and Saturday 1st November for those of us affected by OCD and our families.

We expect about 75 people to attend Friday and 180 on Saturday. Tickets are still available and will remain available until the day of the conferences. If you would like to attend then tickets can be booked online or you can pay on the day. If you intend to pay on the day please email us to notify us so we can keep track of numbers.

Click here to information about the agenda and to book tickets.

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Nottingham Mental Health Services Review

Nottingham CCG

For much of 2013 and 2014, OCD-UK have been working closely with the lead for a review of OCD treatment in Nottingham commissioned by Nottingham Healthcare to ensure that treatment meets NICE recommendations. Earlier this year we supported a two-day OCD training workshop for staff, led by Professor Salkovskis, and we remain committed to supporting any project that leads to improved NHS services in Nottingham, so we are keen to promote this latest review to existing adult mental health services in Nottingham.

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New East Sussex OCD Clinic

New NHS service - East Sussex OCD Clinic

We are delighted to report the launch of a new dedicated OCD service now available for patients that live in the East Sussex region. The new OCD Clinic is part of Health in Mind, the primary care mental health service for people in East Sussex. The clinic is available to people in East Sussex experiencing difficulties with OCD, whether the problem is mild or severe.

The clinic will offer high quality evidence-based help based on the latest research and NHS guidelines. People referred to the clinic will be offered an assessment where the clinic will discuss your difficulties with OCD and agree a treatment plan with you. You will also be offered the opportunity to sign up to a research network. This network will offer you a chance to find out about the research happening in the clinic and an optional opportunity to help researchers understand more about OCD.

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Workshop: How ‘NICE’ is your OCD

This event is independent of OCD-UK, therefore we provide this listing for information purposes only. Please check our calendar of events for other workshops/conferences for health professionals.


This workshop will be helpful for psychologists, CBT therapists and people with some training in CBT who wish to develop or consolidate their skills in working with OCD and are interested in current research

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New Hoarding Research - Feedback request

OCD specialists, and friends of OCD-UK, Dr Claire Lomax and Professor Paul Salkovskis are hoping to begin new research into hoarding later this year, and need your help to define the research.

The researchers would be very grateful to hear from anyone who may have experienced hoarding and/or OCD problems for any feedback you might have on this research. The feedback consists of four questions.

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New research looks at the effectiveness of Risperidone over CBT

New research looks at the effectiveness of Risperidone over CBT

New research published this week (11th September) provides evidence that patients with OCD for whom SSRIs have not resolved their problem respond better when psychological treatment (CBT with ERP) is added to the SSRI antidepressant compared to those that were prescribed an augmentation of a SSRI medication and Risperidone, a form of antipsychotic drug.

These findings led researchers to conclude that patients with OCD receiving SSRIs who continue to have clinically significant symptoms should be offered CBT before antipsychotics are prescribed, especially given its superior efficacy and less negative adverse effects.

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