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For people resident in England, in most cases their first access to OCD treatment will come through their local Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) service. Because each local IAPT service will have its own service name, it can sometimes be hard to find details about your local service. So OCD-UK have created this database/map of IAPT services across England.  To find your local service you simply need to scroll in to the map and click in your local area and the details for your local IAPT service provider/s will pop up in the left hand pane.

In some areas more than one provider is commissioned to provide the service, if you’re unsure about which service you need to refer yourself to we recommend you please consult your GP for advice.  If you prefer to access a service outside of your home region you should also discuss this with your GP, because you may be able to implement your ‘Right to Choose’ to access an alternative service (perhaps closer to work) rather than your local service.

At the time of publication (August 2016) the data was accurate. The details were sourced by OCD-UK by writing to each Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) directly and asking them to provide us with the details of the IAPT services that they commission in their local region.  In the future (usually each April) different service providers will be commissioned by CCG’s, so we intend to review the data on a regular basis to ensure it remains valid. Please help us maintain this database by emailing us at office@ocduk.org with details of any out-of-date or incorrect information that you may come across.

To enlarge the map, click the square icon on the upper right of the frame.


Disclaimer:   The data stored on this database is for information purposes only and was accurate as of August 2016. The details of listed services should not imply OCD-UK recommendation.  If you need to refer yourself for treatment to your local service, and are in doubt about which service you need to be referred to, we recommend you consult your GP and/or NHS Choices.

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