So OCD, is it a laughing matter?

Joshie and Harri showing their support for OCD Awareness Week

Blog written by 'Harri' ‏@Rabbaroo for OCD Awareness Week, 16th October 2014.

So OCD, is it a laughing matter? No, yes, maybe?..........oh hang on, I'm confused.

My OCD is a flipping nightmare to put it mildly. At one point it almost killed me. That's definitely no laughing matter. My brain had me so convinced that the whole entire world was better off with out me, that the only thing I was good at was causing harm that I decided to end it all. Not my finest hour I'll admit, but one of my darkest. No laughter, no funniness. Just bleakness, darkness and a whole lot of self loathing.

Obviously things turned around and I'm no longer in that place any more. The world no longer seems scary and dark, although I still have days where the storms gather. I know that there is light and that I can survive, I try to live my life regardless of that obnoxious haunting voice in my head. And yes there are even days where I can laugh at my ocd, see the stupidity in it a even have a chuckle, sometimes my poor exasperated hubby laughs at my ocd, it becomes like a private joke between us, a secret laughter. It's sounds strange I know, but there are actually days when my ocd seems so ridiculous that I have to laugh, have to roll my eyes and say "can you believe I actually said/did/thought that" and have a giggle. It's always retrospective!!

So yes, I can laugh, we can laugh, it's funny to laugh with someone. It is not ok to laugh at someone, therefore it is not ok to laugh at someone's illness, to make light of a serious illness.

How many comedians start a joke with "did you hear about the man with lung cancer that had half his lung removed"? Nothing funny there. "Did you hear about the girl with sever learning difficulties"? Nope still not a funny opener. So why is it ok to joke about OCD? Apparently it's the funniest illness going!!! Apparently everyone is 'a little bit OCD' so it's ok to make a joke, find it funny, belittle it. Well actually, no, not everyone is 'a little bit OCD' maybe they just like things tidy or organised. Maybe they just like things neat. That's ok, there's nothing wrong with being neat, neat is good, means you don't keep stepping on odd bits of duplo (I have a 3 year old!) neat is nice. Neat isn't very funny, it's just neat, maybe even (dare I say it) anal!! But it doesn't make you OCD!!!!

There is nothing funny about an illness that can be fatal, that ruin lives, tortures whole families. We don't need laughter, we need understanding. So can you laugh at my OCD? well yes if it affects you directly and makes me look silly and gives us a laugh, then sure it's fine. Can you laugh at OCD in general and make jokes about it? Well what do you think?

Call for change, get educated and destroy the stigma. It's OCD awareness week, help fight for change!!!


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