It’s not easy living with a voice that’s connected to my hand

Earlier this year we launched our poetry project asking people affected by OCD to use the art of poetry to describe how OCD makes them feel. This is another great example by Martin.

It's Not Easy Living with a Voice that's Connected to my Hand
Touch it, check it, clean it, wipe it. Repeat x10

You and me know it's not true,
But It's in the mind of me not you,
I try to resist doing the do,
But the pull is too strong,
and its always there, running through me, not you.

It effects my love, oh you do,
I struggle to get close, to the one so true,
If you help me and try to understand,
It's not easy living with a voice that's connected to my hand.

Then I hope one day my head will free,
Away from the life that is OCD.

I believe I'm stronger than the thoughts of fear,
One day I'll be there, laughing with joy, delight and I might just, shed a tear.

If I let you in to my world,
You'll see it's not all roses and pearls,
I have a friend, who I'd like you to meet,
But he's stuck in my head, so he doesn't do the best meet and greet.

Most of the time I'd like him to go away,
It's like he's on a free ride,
Just constantly having an effect on my dignity and pride.

He talks to me, day after day,
And In someways, I'd be lost if I didn't have his say,
I know for sure I'd get use to it ok,
But for now I would happily settle, just for one day.

They tell me I'm not unique,
There are many who suffer week after week,
In silence and in pain,
As they feel if they speak up, others will see them as insane.

I know I'm not mad,
Yet I might be a tad,
It's not very 'lad',
But sometimes it makes me sad.

It makes me down from time to time,
But your not gonna beat me,
I'll get back up,
and climb to the top,
To fight the thoughts,
That sometimes think it's ok to knock me off my rock.

The important things in life are materials and possessions,
This can include: Holidays, cars and to be seen in swish bars,
but if you believe this to be true,
Then we don't share the same view,
Because to me it's family and friends who make my smile true.

I always wonder if there's a cure,
Just to make my mind pure.

Peace and happiness to all :)

Poem written by Martin F, Southport.

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