OCD-UK Management Committee

OCD-UK is a membership-based charity, managed by a team of dedicated trustees which make up our executive membership committee.  The committee comprises of a diverse range of carefully selected individuals that bring with them a wide variety of skill sets and personal strengths.  This ensures that the charity is able to continue with its objectives and further direct the charity forward.

The executive membership committee comprises up to 10 trustees.  These are endorsed and elected by our members at our Annual General Meeting, for a period of three years. They are all members of the charity, and receive no remuneration, other than essential working costs approved by the charity. 

Mark Bartlett

Location:East Sussex

"I am therefore keen to do all I can to raise awareness of the real nature of OCD, to get people talking about the things that keep them awake at night whatever they are, to break down the stigmas associated with mental illness and to raise funds for OCD-UK."


Kylie Cloke

Location: Cirencester

"Having received so much support from OCD-UK prior to, and during my treatment for OCD, I felt passionate at helping the charity in any way I could. I have volunteered for OCD-UK in numerous roles in recent years. In 2008, I was asked to join the Management Team, an opportunity I jumped at."


Claire Gellard

Location: London

"I was diagnosed with OCD when I was 14 years old. I am now 23 and I am still on my journey to an OCD -free life. The most valuable treatment for me is having people to talk to, and OCD-UK provides that community spirit and understanding and offers the professional advice and resources to help guide sufferers on their journey to recovery. OCD is still so misunderstood, but together we can make a difference."


Yolanda Jerrard

Location: Lincolnshire

Our family was hit by OCD in January 2009 when our, then 10 year old, son became very unwell. As we watched him get swamped in the OCD nightmare it was like a light had been switched out in our family as he lost his ability to enjoy life, interact with us and even smile.


Catherine Mills

Location: Liverpool

"Hello, I am Catherine and I became a Trustee with OCD-UK because I wanted to help support fellow OCD sufferers and their families. I know what a devastating impact OCD can have upon one's life and I wanted to use this as a positive force for others."

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