Mark Bartlett

Mark Bartlett - OCD-UK Trustee.

OCD-UK Management Committee Trustee
Written: October 2011

Looking back I now realise my Journey with OCD began at the age of eight or nine when little habits and rituals started to take hold. By eleven I was suffering from intrusive thoughts about harming others and for a short period in my early teens had the visible signs of OCD – hand washing and various forms of checking. I think an early realisation that I was gay and my inability to admit and talk to others about it triggered full blown OCD. This illness affected my education and confidence and I left school feeling a complete failure. I experienced bouts of OCD for a further 33 years before finally reaching a point in January 2007 when I could no longer keep all my problems secret and asked my doctor to refer me to a psychiatrist. In 2009 I had 10 sessions of CBT and am now OCD free. 

I am therefore keen to do all I can to raise awareness of the real nature of OCD, to get people talking about the things that keep them awake at night whatever they are, to break down the stigmas associated with mental illness and to raise funds for OCD-UK.

BUT above these things what I really want to do is get the message across to sufferers that it is never too late to get help, never too late to recover and never too late to have the kind of life that perhaps they have only ever dreamed of.

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