Mind Crusade

For many people with OCD, being creative is an outlet to express their feeling about OCD and how it impacts on their daily lives. This poem is one such example.

Mind Crusade
By Karl S R Kessler

The unseen enemy is ashore
Only visible to my heart and soul
My barricades are battle worn
But remain steadfast

A shadowy figure lurks beneath
He hopes to corrupt from within
The silent assassin kills and maims
Do not let him enter by any means

But a bribe is accepted, the drawbridge is lowered
The hordes enter with a lust for blood,
But my foot soldiers, once naïve and fearful
Are now skirmish hardened and primed

Man the ramparts and await the call
Send down torrents of pitch and arrow
Link the shields and thrust your blades
Show the enemy impenetrable force

They flee for the hills so lessened in strength
But watch for they recoil and regroup
Spying openings in the defences
Prepare the battlements for further siege

My watchmen at the barbican, seek new movement
New weapons developed to stand me strong
Once I feared the brutal onslaught
But now they know that I relish the fight
Poem by Karl S R Kessler

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