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Cheaper cost to call the OCD-UK Information Line

We have today introduced an alternative to our 0845 120 3778 (see below for call charge information) call number with the introduction of a cheaper 0345 alternative (0345 120 3778), helping cut costs of telephone calls for the public. 0345 numbers are charged at the same local rate that it costs to call a 01 landline number, often inclusive with many call allowance packages.

OCD-UK will partly subsidise the introduction of the 0345 number, which is why your donations are more important than ever before.

Those calling our existing 0845 number may already be benefiting from inclusive calls to 0845 numbers on many BT/landline call packages. However our new 0345 numbers will save money for even more callers who can call 0345 numbers from within their allowed call package allowance including from within mobile call package allowances, meaning for many people calling our charity will not cost anything, other than the cost of your monthly call package.      

The 0845 number will be retained until the end of 2017, and for those who can access 0845 numbers from within their landline packages, please continue to use this number to call us.  The 0845 number does not generate the charity income, but does not cost the charity money for people to call us. The charity helps partly subsidise the use of the 0345 number, which based on last year’s call stats will cost the charity an additional £800 per year.

For those on low income who are not able to utilise telephone call packages inclusive access to the 0345 or 0845 number can also request a call back from an OCD-UK adviser if they are concerned about the cost of a call.

Calls to our 0845 number cost 2p per minute plus your phone company's access charge. Please consult your own phone provider for exact access charge costs


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