OCD-UK opens its first office!

The exterior of our new office

Some of our long-term supporters will have watched our charity grow from humble beginnings to where we are today, to the outside world viewing our extensive website, a large professional organisation.

But whilst we are professional, we’re still surviving on a relatively meagre income and for the last 12-years OCD-UK has been based and operated from the spare bedrooms, living rooms, and even garages of our two members of staff and volunteer trustees.

Whilst this has been sustainable and the charity achieved great things in this operational mode, it can and does have its limitations. In order to ensure OCD-UK can develop and make better use of staff and volunteer interaction we recognised that the way forward is open an office.

We will continue to make good use of virtual technology and continue to work with volunteers across the entire country, but having a central location for staff and for volunteers who only wish to work on location was the next step for the charity’s professional development.

A small, modest but modern office has been found in Derby with superb onsite facilities including free access to onsite meeting rooms, hi-speed internet access and visitor parking. The building also includes its own café and in time an onsite nursery.

We believe the East Midlands will be a good base for OCD-UK. We already have a strong volunteer base in the region and facilitate two support groups in the area. We hope to continue to develop existing relationships with local NHS mental health services.  Derbyshire remains a good central base for visiting many areas of the UK, with London being only 90 minutes on train and much of the UK being only 2-4 hours away.

There is still further work to do for OCD-UK to be the national charity for people with OCD that everyone with OCD deserves, but we have come a long way already and this will assist us in developing more projects to help benefit people with OCD.

About the building
Our new office building is the iconic former Rolls Royce building, the grade-two listed, early 20th century Marble Hall in the Osmaston area of Derby.

Office image.

Rolls-Royce moved to Nightingale Road in Derby in 1907 where it built the Silver Ghost car, dubbed "the greatest car in the world". The Marble Hall building was constructed as offices in 1912, with the hall itself converted in the 1930s.

Following the departure of Rolls Royce in 2007 it underwent a £4 million redevelopment to become a community hub operated by Derby City Council's 'Connect Derby' scheme which opened in 2016 with an official launch by the HRH The Duke of Gloucester.

Although some remodeling has taken place, many original features still remain including the Marble Hall itself – with Tuscan-style polished limestone columns and a replica of the original spitfire stained glass window.

How can you help? 
The office is unfurnished, so we need to furnish the office and we’re hoping that those of you who agree that this is a step in the right direction for OCD-UK will make a small (or large!) donation to support the cost of getting some furniture. We’re going to need desks, chairs and storage furniture. We will be trying to source any furniture as cheaply as possible, but there will inevitably be things we need to pay a good few quid for. We’ve set ourselves a target of kitting our office out for £1000 or less, which is a modest amount to run a national charity from. To assist with our office start-up costs and we’d LOVE it if our fabulous supporters would consider making a contribution.  

Any funds donated to this appeal that do not end up being spent on office furniture, will go into the wider OCD-UK charity pot – all donations will be used to support the work OCD-UK does in improving the lives of those with OCD.  

And once we’re setup and running, if any of our members would like to pop in and see us then let us know and come and have a cuppa with us.

Thank you in advance for your support. 

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