Nottingham driving volunteer opportunity

We are seeking a Nottingham based driving volunteer/s to help support our 'Are you a little bit OCD?' project team. This volunteer role is primarily helping to drive our project co-ordinator and materials from central Nottingham to an East Midland locations in a transit size van. The role is open to anybody with a valid driving license who can donate some of their time (on average no more than 4 or 5 days spread across a month) to the charity.

Expenses (up top £10 a day) can be reimbursed for any travel costs into central Nottingham, and a sandwich lunch will be provided during each day you are volunteering.

Interested? Please speak to the project co-ordinator Beth on or 07748 175 753.

Beth will be able to confirm the dates when we would need your driving expertise, and can tell you more about the project.

The 'Are you a little bit OCD?' project will engage the public in conversation about Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) through the use of a fun and quirky ‘sofa zone’ which will be set up in public spaces across the East Midlands. For this volunteering role you would not be expected to engage in conversations, but we are seeking an enthusiastic individual/s to join our team to transport the material and team members from Nottingham to other East Midlands locations.

The project will see other volunteers with first-hand experience of living with OCD engage passers-by in conversation, have a chat and try out a simple interactive quiz which will challenge perceptions about OCD and mental health problems. Through the conversation the passer-by will have the opportunity to learn how stigma and discrimination can impact on people with experience of mental health problems, and understand that the 'little bit OCD' phrase is often misused.

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