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OCD Awareness Week 2013

 OCD Awareness Week takes place between 14-20th October 2013

This coming week is OCD Awareness Week, and we need your help to spread the word, and to help us change perceptions about the reality of OCD.

The term 'I'm a little bit OCD' is frequently used in everyday language, and a recent street survey highlated that 44% of people felt they had ‘OCD traits’, which clearly shows the lack of understanding that still exists about OCD, with people still confusing non-anxiety provoking traits for the illness. 

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is known to impact on a person’s education, career and relationships, sometimes with sad and tragic consequences.    What this survey shows is that more work needs to be done  to help people understand the difference between the occasional additional compulsive check, and the horrible anxiety caused by obsessive thoughts, leading to hours of repetitive, mundane, life-impacting compulsive behaviours that occur in OCD. This is why it is important that we promote OCD Awareness Week and speak out about the reality of how OCD impacts on us.

OCD-UK have been supporting and promoting OCD Awareness Week here in the UK since 2011, and this year is no exception.
OCD Awareness Week is an international effort to raise awareness and understanding about Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, with the goal of helping more people to get timely access to appropriate and effective treatment. Launched in 2009 by the US based International OCD Foundation, OCD Awareness Week is now celebrated by a number of organisations across the world. With so many OCD organisations working together during this single week each October, we believe that it is important that the United Kingdom is represented and an active partner in this global collaboration of charities, all of whom are working together for one combined aim, ‘raising awareness of OCD’.

We believe any initiative that works to raise awareness of this debilitating illness can only benefit the OCD community, both here and abroad. We welcome our members support and involvement in our efforts, and that of other UK and global charities this October and of course any other charitable initiatives that occur throughout the year, so that through all of our combined efforts we can positively change perceptions about Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

Get Involved - Click here for more details on how you can do your bit for OCD Awareness Week.

  • Take the OCD Awareness Week pledge (see below)
  • Send an OCD Awareness Week postcard (perhaps to your local MP or GP)
  • Change your Facebook cover and/or profile photo
  • Request an 'I'm supporting OCD Awareness Week' placard and take pictures for your social networking sites
  • Change your Twitter profile background
  • Distribute OCD Awareness Week posters and leaflets (to your local GP surgery or Uni)
  • Host an OCD film night for family and friends
  • Tweet about OCD or update your Facebook status
  • Write a blog or record an 'OCD and Me' video about your OCD for OCD Awareness Week
  • Share your story with local media (see below)

Take the OCD Awareness Pledge and agree to do at least three or more of the following

  • Distribute at least one OCD Awareness Week poster or leaflet to a friend, family member, GP, Mental Health Outlet, school, workplace or university.
  • Talk about OCD Awareness Week 2013 to one other person or group.
  • Hold an awareness coffee morning. This could involve just you and a friend or include a few people such as a few close friends, your work colleagues or an event at a community centre. If you want to fund-raise for OCD-UK at the same time you could sell homemade or bought cakes. If you are interested in holding an awareness day in the work place ask your HR department to get involved.
  • Change your social network status/profile picture to the OCD-UK Awareness Week 2013 logo or to one of yourself holding the awareness placard.
  • Take a photo of yourself holding the OCD Awareness Week placard and send it to us to put on the website or display at our exhibition. If you do not want to be in the photo, you can hold the placard in front of one of your city’s landmarks instead.
  • Display a poster in your window.
  • Bake and sell cakes with OCD icing.

Email us at should you need us to send you any OCD Awareness Week materials, posters or postcards (let us know how many), and don't forget to show your support by posting on Facebook or Tweet 'I have taken the OCD Awareness Week Pledge #OCDweek'.

Share your story to the media for OCD Awareness Week

Could you share your OCD story to help create awareness about the different forms of OCD?
Do you want to help to dismiss the misconceptions and stigma that currently surrounds OCD?

If you are interested in sharing your story with the media such as newspapers, magazine, radio or even local or national television, we can offer help and support. We understand that you may be nervous about sharing your story and some people may be surprised to read or hear about what you have to say. However, this could be a great opportunity to share your experiences and let others know how difficult your life has been whilst helping offer hope and encouragement to others still suffering with OCD.

If you are interested please contact OCD-UK by emailing

Here is how it works:
1.            Register your interest by emailing (include brief explanation about your OCD, what form it takes, and if you still suffer. Your age and location. Please also explain which media you would be prepared to participate with).
2.            OCD-UK will hold your personal details (securely).
3.            We will contact you again once we have media interest in your area to see if you are still willing to participate.

It’s OK to change your mind and we will only release your contact details with your permission! If you would like to read a previous case study, you can do so by reading Sarah's story here.

Thank you.

Together we will raise awareness of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

Listen to Karen and Paul talking about OCD to BBC Radio Bristol yesterday (15th October) for OCD Awareness Week.


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