OCD Awareness Week T-Shirts

OCD Awareness Week T-Shirts

With OCD Awareness Week fast approaching (9-15th October) we are once again releasing these great OCD awareness t-shirts. We have 60 available on a first come, first served basis (UK residents only), all we are asking is those wanting a t-shirt make a donation to the charity using the form below. We ask you please make the donation a minimum of £5 per t-shirt to ensure we cover our costs.

The slogans for the t-shirt came from our previous awareness volunteer team, we thank everyone who helped with feedback for this project.

The focus of this year's OCD Awareness Week is changing public perceptions about OCD, one conversation at a time. The flippant use of the term ‘I'm a little bit OCD’ that seems to be used in everyday conversation is still something that many people with OCD find upsetting and remains a stigmatising barrier to helping those that suffer with this often misunderstood disorder feel that they can be open and talk freely. The purpose of OCD Awareness Week is to change this and through our East Midlands project our volunteers have engaged members of the public in conversation sharing their experiences with a view to encouraging them to think differently about the way they perceive both OCD and mental illness in general.

It's that simple for OCD Awareness Week, all we are asking is that you hold at least one conversation. Maybe that could be with a friend, colleague, teacher or a complete stranger and tell them how OCD impacts on you, and how it makes you feel. We hope the t-shirt will go some way to helping you initiate that conversation. Don't forget to post photos of you wearing it across your social networks!

Size Chart (approximate chest sizes)

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Your donation to OCD-UK will help support our work, paying for further awareness projects like this one, and help us continue to support people with OCD.

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