Misuse and misrepresentation of OCD in the media. OCD Awareness Week discussion

As part of OCD Awareness Week we want to highlight the misuse and misrepresentation of OCD in the media and welcome your comments and feedback.

This is not a discussion about whether or not we 'should be' offended but rather an opportunity to give honest accounts of how the chosen media topics might make those affected by OCD feel.  Should the media play a bigger role in ensuring they take more responsibility not to add to stereo-types and misconceptions?

Today we start by taking a look at this brief clip of an episode of EastEnders broadcast in August.

(don't watch if eating!)

This was a brief reference of OCD by the character Abbie in EastEnders, the type of flippant use (misrepresentation of OCD) that is used in everyday conversation.  Were the EastEnders script writers right to use it?   The character Babe did express shock, but it's not clear if that was at the accusation being made against her or the reference to OCD.  Were they wrong in not having another character correct Abbie's misuse of the term?

Let us know what you think about this EastEnders clip by registering and posting on this topic on our forums (it's free to register and post).

Later in the week we will look at other examples, including 'that' Channel 4 programme (but we have discussed that to death already, so we will leave that until later in the week).


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