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New LIVE OCD Webinar

Our live webinar's with leading OCD specialists

Last month OCD-UK launched a brand new project that will make it easier for people affected by OCD to interact with specialists in the treatment of OCD when we launch our 'OCD Webinars'. The webinars will offer people affected by OCD the opportunity to learn from these specialists and even the ability to ask questions.

Our online webinars use modern technology to bring international OCD specialists and people affected by Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) together. The webinar is open to anybody with an interest in learning more about OCD, all you need is a good internet connection to watch and listen to the webinar straight from your internet browser.

Access is completely free of charge for OCD-UK members, and there is a small nominal charge of just £5 for non-members. Due to limited space members still need to register to reserve their spot, although won't be charged. To register and for further details please visit the webinar website at: 

Feedback from our inaugural webinar.
Loved @OCDUK inaugural webinar with @AdamRadomsky earlier this evening. A great start to a great new service from the charity. - Nick

A very good webinar from @OCDUK and professor Adam Radomsky this evening, thank you for hosting, well worth a look, it was great thanks. "Do you want to be more sure or less sure"  could be a mantra when it comes to checking/rumination - Jonathan

Honoured to have delivered the inaugural @OCDUK webinar - I hope that it was useful and/or informative for attendees - Adam Radomsky

Fabulous, fabulous talk from Prof Adam Radomsky. Good questions from the floor and interesting answers.   I declare our first OCD-UK webinar to be an all round success - Snowbear

I found the webinar yesterday extremely interesting and helpful. The other really useful point Adam made was over checking causing fuzzy memories. I have been working this out for my self and realizing the clarity I get if I don't check. Just brilliant to hear that is backed up by research.  – Paulie

Found the first one SO useful and encouraging! Came away full of hope and energy! – Simone

Thank you for organising such a fantastic webinar with Prof Adam last night.  I found it really informative and it gave me a lot more understanding of the condition, certainly the checking/memory scenario. – Styx402

Informative and helpful and how #OCD should be seen - as treatable! - Niki

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