OCDeary Me

OCDeary me by Matt C

For many people with OCD, being creative is an outlet to express their feeling about OCD and how it impacts on their daily lives. This poem is one such example.


OCDeary Me

How can these hands be dirty still,
where are these germs my brain cannot kill?
Where is the map to ease the maze,
corridors of circles, my head ablaze.

Can I not but let it lie,
to walk away without goodbye.
But you slowly creep upon my shoulder,
the doubt and fear that turns me older.

How free you are with dirty nails,
you float above with open sails.
A glance below to see me stare,
the chains that grasp, they keep me there.

The door is closed, but is it now,
another glance no more I vow.
Perhaps another, we’re never too sure,
the ultimate check, I promise no more.

The red ignites the demon clutches,
I cannot stand these chemical crutches.
What I would give to walk away,
the whispers and cries would ruin my day.

Look at me though I see the crime,
a world through eyes coated in grime.
What system must be drawn to plan,
cheat the devil and free the man.

Poem written by Matt C.

This work is copyright of the author and must not be reproduced without the consent and permission of the author. OCD-UK hold the name and contact information of the author.

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