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Information and news about OCD-UK

Conference Thank You

OCD-UK's Ashley Fulwood and Ian Puleston-Davies at the 2010 OCD-UK Conference

OCD-UK would like to thank all those that made it to our annual conference on Saturday 4th December, and for the lovely kind and supportive messages we received throughout the day. Despite the weather, the conference was a huge success so we are extremely grateful for you being able to attend, and for you helping to make it the day that it was.

We heard from some fantastic speakers from the world of OCD, and on so many different OCD subjects - contamination, mental contamination, checking, hoarding, intrusive thoughts, in the form of paedophile OCD and homosexual OCD, and on compassionate mind training.

Article posted on: Tue, 01/02/2011 - 7:21am

Our Latest Edition of Compulsive Reading

The October edition of the OCD-UK magazine, Compulsive Reading

The latest edition of our magazine Compulsive Reading was published recently. Published on a quarterly basis and sent to all OCD-UK members, our magazine provides a great mix of community content, OCD related news and stories.

Article posted on: Tue, 01/02/2011 - 7:21am

New Awareness and self-help product - Cotton Bags

Our environmentally friendly cotton bags.

Our latest awareness and self-help tool are our environmentally friendly cotton bags, which are lightweight, foldable, reusable and biodegradable and ideal for carrying magazines and folders. The bag carries an OCD awareness message printed on one side, and the other side is purposely left blank for times when you prefer discretion. The bags carry the message 'Just a thought?', which is the popular initiative from OCD-UK to raise awareness of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

Article posted on: Tue, 01/02/2011 - 5:21am


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