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OCD Conference - Nottingham

On October 31st and November 1st, OCD-UK is taking over Nottingham for an amazing two day OCD Conference.

On Friday 31st October, we’re holding an event for health professionals and all involved in the treatment or care of those affected by OCD – a fantastic opportunity for professionals to hear about recent advances in understanding and the treatment of OCD and related problems.

On Saturday 1st November, we’re holding a conference for those affected by OCD and anyone interested in learning more. Not only will it offer an opportunity to learn more about OCD, it’ll offer guidance, hope and inspiration for those suffering and their families.

So here we have my Top Ten Reasons to Come to the OCD Conference

  1. It is a unique (and I’m not exaggerating!) opportunity to hear from world experts in OCD as well as a chance to ask them questions.
  2. It’s a chance to meet new people (I’ve made some good friends at previous conferences) and to make professional contacts.
  3. The conference delegate packs include some pretty amazing OCD-UK pens.
  4. How often do you find conferences that combine lived experience and professional expertise? The conference is being organised by a team of people affected by OCD and clinical psychologists.
  5. There will be an infinite supply of coffee. Or tea. Or a really nice hot chocolate (I felt it only right that I tried it).
  6. The day has been organised following feedback from health professionals and shaped around their training needs and questions.
  7. We’re a pretty nice bunch. I promise big smiles, good conversations and maybe even some interpretive dance (although I’ll leave that to Ashley).
  8. There’s a choice of workshops. Can’t decide? Don’t worry, you can choose two!
  9. There will be presentations on the cutting edge of OCD research from those at the frontline as well as practical clinical advice.
  10. And best of all, you get to hear me talk… what else could you want?!

To book your tickets or to learn more – visit the OCD Conference website.

See you there!


Bookings can be made right up to the day itself.

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