Fundraising Ideas for OCD-UK

Simon raised over £2500 by having his ten years worth of dreadlocks cut off for OCD-UK.Simon raised over £2500 by having his ten years worth of dreadlocks cut off for OCD-UK.Simon raised over £2500 by having his ten years worth of dreadlocks cut off for OCD-UK.Simon raised over £2500 by having his ten years worth of dreadlocks cut off for OCD-UK.

If you have a fundraising challenge in mind, or are taking part in a challenge with your own place in that event, get in touch and the OCD-UK team can support you through the whole experience and we will do everything that we can to support your fundraising efforts.

In the past year some of our fantastic fundraiser's have challenged themselves to events such as:

Lucy and friends during their jailbreak adventure.

  • Bearded Barber - Hairdresser Ashley grew a beard for a month.
  • Dreadlock Dispatch - Simon (pictured above) chopped off ten years worth of dreadlocks and raised over £2500.
  • Jailbreak - Lucy attempted to get from outside Durham jail to travel as far as she could within 24 hours, without money, reaching Portsmouth.

Here are some ideas within our A-Z of fundraising ideas to help you get out there and have fun while raising much needed funding for OCD-UK.


A could be...


Art Exhibition
Charge a small fee to view the displayed work and then auction it off.
Auction of Promises
Arrange for your office to auction off their services for a day, i.e. 'I promise to make tea for the entire office for the day'.


B could be...

Baby photography competition
Invite your friends to get their baby photos out and charge to 'guess the baby'.
Bad taste day
Ask colleagues or friends to go to work in their most bizarre clothes, maybe 70s theme. If they refuse, get them to pay a fine.
Bag it up day
Ask your local supermarket if you can bag customers shopping and ask for a donation for your service.
Barn dances
Charge an entrance fee for an evening of fun barn dancing.
Hold a fun charity barbecue party and charge people to come.
Organise a bingo night event. Charge an entrance and get friends and businesses to donate prizes.


C could be...

Cake day
Bake some cakes and sell them to family and friends.
Car boot sales
Raise money while getting rid of all those unwanted bits and pieces.
Car Cleaning
Clean the cars in your neighbourhood or school car park for a fee.
Cheese and Wine
Hold a cheese and wine party and charge people to come.
Coffee Morning
Get all friends together and host a charity coffee morning.


D could be...

Disco night
Dance away to raise money for OCD-UK, organise a 70s disco night.
Dress down day
Organise a dress down day at school or work and collect a donation from all those that take part, and double that amount from those that don't participate.


E could be...

Eating competition
Who can eat a big bowl of baked beans fastest, charity bet on the favourite.
Sell your unwanted items on eBay donating the sales proceeds to OCD-UK.
Eurovision night
It's cheesy, but could be great fun for night of Euro pop.


F could be...

Fancy dress party
Party the night away, inviting everyone you know in fancy dress and charge an entry fee and make it double for those not in fancy dress.
Fast for 24 hours
Hold a sponsored 24-hour fast.
Fashion Show
Ask your friends to donate their old clothes and hold a 'recycled' fashion show for your school or neighbourhood.
Film night
Charge entry and sell drinks and chocolate and popcorn to boost your fundraising.
Football Match
Host a charity football match between offices.


G could be...

Garden parties
Sell tickets to your friends and family and enjoy tea, cake and sandwiches in the sun.
Golf day.
Organise a charity golf day.
Grow a..
Beard or a moustache.


H could be...

Halloween Ball
Sell tickets to a fancy dress ball or party.
Head Shave
have your hair for OCD-UK and ask friends to sponsor you.


I could be...

Ice skating
Get people to sponsor you for how many times you can go around the ice skating ring.


J could be...

Jail break
How far can you get without money? Be sponsored to escape.. be safe though.
Job swap for the day
A fun sponsorship idea to give you a break from your usual routine for the day.
Jumble sale
Organise a jumble sale to sell unwanted clothes.


K could be...

Karaoke Night
Ask a local pub or bar to host a Karaoke night for you perhaps in a function room then charge people to take part.
Keep fit-at-thon
Get sponsored by the hour or for a full day of exercise.


L could be...

Letter party
Pick a letter from the alphabet and base everything around that letter… dress code, food, drinks and music.
Lunchtime quiz
Get office teams together and charge to take part.


M could be...

Masked ball
Host your very own masked ball, charging to attend.


N could be...

Night in
Usually a weekend party animal? Stay in on a Saturday night and donate the money you save and be sponsored to stay in.
Non-uniform day
Pay £1 to dress however you like or wear the silliest clothes you can find and get sponsored for the embarrassment.


O could be...

The charity that helps children and adults affected by OCD.
Online giving
Setup your own online fundraising page for OCD-UK through Just Giving or Virgin Money Giving and send the link to your family and friends to donate to your chosen charity, OCD-UK.
Open Gardens
Country house near you? Maybe approach then to see if they will open their gardens for a day and donate entrance fee to the charity. Or maybe even open your own colourful garden.


P could be...

Pamper evening
Serve your friends indulge in a little of what they fancy – from chocolate treats to free massages and get them to donate for you to pamper them.
Party the day or night away inviting everyone and charge a donation.


Q could be...

Quit it
Are you a smoker? Or do you have any other bad habits, drink to much coca-cola or eat too much chocolate? Quit for a month and get everyone to sponsor your efforts.
Quiz night
Organise a quiz night at home at work, in a club or in your local pub or bar. Charge a fee to answer questions. The winner gets half the money and the rest goes towards OCD-UK.


R could be...

Ransom and release
All you need are some willing office VIP’s (very important prisoners) and somewhere to hold them captive doing your fetching and carrying. Then it's up to the VIPs to get friends, family and colleagues to stump up the cash for their release.
Rock n Roll Evening
Rock the day or night away inviting everyone and charge a donation.
Roller skating
Get people to sponsor you for how many times you can go around the skating ring.


S could be...

School party night
Organise a party with the theme of school dinners. Get them to dress up in school uniforms and serve up bangers and mash.
Shave it
Get sponsored to shave your head, your chest, your armpits or any other hairy bits... keep it clean though!
Slave day
Arrange for your office to auction off their slave services for a day, i.e. 'I promise to make tea for the entire office for the day'.
Sponsored silence
Hold a sponsored silence. Ask your parents and colleagues to sponsor you to keep quiet. You could ask them to sponsor you for the whole day or per hour.
Square dancing
Host a fun square dancing evening and charge entry.
Stairs climb
If you work in a tall building, get sponsored to take the stairs for a week or month.
Swear box
Put a swear box in your office, home or pub to raise money for charity. Get them to pay each time they curse.


T could be...

Get some raffle tickets and persuade your friends and colleagues to donate prizes.
Treasure Hunt
A challenge event for people, and a fun way to raise big money for OCD-UK. Get a local company to donate a prize.


U could be...

University Challenge
Organise teams who attend nearby universities and hold a challenge to see which university or team comes top. Charge for participation and to guests.
Unwanted gift sale
Your unwanted gifts could be somebody else’s treasure, you can hold a car boot sale, jumble sale or sell via eBay.


V could be...

Valentines Party
Single? maybe organise a Valentine's day party and charge to attend.
Variety Show
Round up your talented friends and put on a show, charging for admission.


W could be...

Walk to work
Be sponsored to walk to work for a week.
Wine and Cheese Tasting
Invite an 'expert' or local wine dealer to bring along a few cases of wine and donate some of the proceeds to charity. Or invite colleagues to taste some 'home made' cocktails and charge an entry fee per person.
World food night
Prepare and sell a selection of dishes from around the world.


X could be...

X-Files party
Host the ultimate geek's night and an X-File's party.


Y could be...

Yummy cake sale
Bake some tasty cake treats to sell to family, friends and colleagues.
Yorkshire Pudding eating
See how many you can eat in 15 minutes, get your friends and colleagues to run a sweepstake.


Z could be...

Zany Clothes Day
Ask colleagues or friends to go to work in their most zany clothes. If they refuse, get them to pay a fine.
Zombie party
Organise a zombie party.

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