Research Request: Hoarding and how we categorise our posessions


We would like to invite you to consider participating in a research study that aims to develop our understanding of categorisation in people who hoard.

Some people have profound difficulty in letting go of valued possessions. This difficulty can lead to rooms becoming disorganised over time so that the space is no longer usable nor recognisable. This can be referred to as a hoarding problem. It is proposed that people who hoard valued possession find it hard to sort items into categories. We are interested in exploring to see if there are any differences in how people who hoard categorise objects compared to people who don’t hoard valued possession in quite the same way.

Who can take part in this study?
We are looking for people with hoarding problems, and individuals without these problems

How would I be involved?

  • 1. You will be asked to participate in a brief telephone interview
  • 2. If you meet the inclusion criteria you will be then asked to complete a set of questionnaires
  • 3. You will be invited to the university to participate in a testing session where you’ll be asked to sort objects into different categories.

For further information please open the PDF attachment below. To register your interest or to ask questions please contact researchers Alice Kilvert at: .

PDF version of the full research description
(Click an icon to open the full research description & contact details.)


This study has been approved by the University of Bath, Ethics Committee. Reference Number: 16-324

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