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Information about open research projects recruiting participants.

New Hoarding Research - Feedback request

OCD specialists, and friends of OCD-UK, Dr Claire Lomax and Professor Paul Salkovskis are hoping to begin new research into hoarding later this year, and need your help to define the research.

The researchers would be very grateful to hear from anyone who may have experienced hoarding and/or OCD problems for any feedback you might have on this research. The feedback consists of four questions.

Article posted on: Mon, 06/01/2014 - 11:07am

Reassurance Seeking in Emotional Disorders

Reassurance Seeking in Emotional Disorders
Research by Brynjar Halldorsson, University of Bath

Reassurance Seeking in Emotional Disorders

When we feel distressed we often turn to someone we trust for reassurance as the trusted person’s response often makes us feel better. Although reassurance seeking is something we all do and we often find helpful, it seems that in some instances this behaviour can create more problems than solutions. However, this shift from being helpful to becoming a problem is poorly understood.

This particular study aims to investigate reassurance seeking in people experiencing emotional disorders. We are particularly interested in exploring similarities between ‘reassurance seeking’ and ‘support seeking’ with the hope to gain insight into how people seek reassurance and support, what motivates them to seek it and not seek it, and its perceived impact on people’s feelings and behaviours. This study is part of a body of research that seeks to develop better understanding of and treatment for emotional disorders.

Article posted on: Thu, 06/12/2012 - 4:00am


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