Information for Researchers

OCD-UK value the importance of clinical research aimed at furthering the understanding of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Anxiety illnesses.

OCD Research.
We believe it is vital that people with OCD are given the opportunity to participate in OCD research and help influence our research policy.

Each year we receive dozens of requests for our members to take part in various studies, but OCD-UK have a very stringent policy in listing research requests, in order to protect our members' rights, dignity, well-being, very valuable time and, of course safety. Therefore, OCD-UK will only ever list those research projects that have received NHS ethical approval and/or which our research panel feels will make a significant difference, without carrying any potential risk to our members.

OCD-UK believe our policy on listing research requests ensures our members and community can have confidence in participation and we are committed to supporting research that is relevant to the needs of people affected by OCD. This can only be achieved by greater dialogue and understanding between doctors and researchers and people with OCD.

At the present we have no open funding grants available, but we will do our best to support recruitment requests. We generally only accept requests for NHS ethically approved research that our research panel feels will make significant difference for people with OCD.

Should you wish to submit your research recruitment proposal please include the following information:

  • Aim of research.
  • Research methods - What participants can expect (in lay terms).
  • NHS ethical approval reference and ethical board contact information.
  • Contact details for researcher.

We also request that at the end of the research participants personal data is destroyed, unless you have approval from participants to retain the data, and that all participants and OCD-UK are passed a copy of your research review findings upon completion of your project.

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