Thank You for OCD Awareness Week

As OCD Awareness Week concludes we want to thank each and every one of you that got involved in some capacity. Whilst we may not have received lots of media coverage this week we want you to rest assured all of your efforts HAVE reached people, and HAVE made a difference.

As one of our friends commented this morning, #OCDWeek is as much about informing undiagnosed sufferers as it's about educating the wider public of OCD and that is exactly what OCD Awareness Week achieved.

This week we have had both emails and telephone calls from people who now know they have OCD all because they saw OCD Awareness Week content somewhere, and we also know that people have reached out to those sharing #OCDweek content, and we don’t know, but it’s just possible those people now feel less isolated.

So too you all a huge THANK YOU.   Thank you to those of you who requested and displayed posters around your place of work or study.  Thank you to those of you who bravely shared their own OCD experiences, either via our website or your own blogs.  Thank you to those of you that simply retweeted or shared our myths/fact images or other content this week.  Thank you to those of you that had a ‘conversation’ about OCD at some point during the week.  Thank you to those of you that hosted OCD awareness stands at some point this week.  The list goes on, but rest assured whilst OCD-UK can promote OCD Awareness Week it really would not be possible without you, so THANK YOU again.    

Whilst we may not have received lots of media coverage this week, we have had mentions on BBC Radio 2, ITV This Morning featured OCD on Monday and several local newspapers have run features and we have content in publications this coming weekend and next week too.  We know that some of these have reached people evidenced by the calls and email comments made to our support team.

Finally we want to thank our partners The Shaw Mind Foundation (and poster/graphic design team at Fusion Graphic Design) who have been an absolutely pleasure to work with and helped share our message. The work of both of our organisations will not stop today, we will continue work all year round to highlight the impact of OCD and support those suffering, and we will be thinking ahead to how we can achieve even more for OCD Awareness Week 2017 (8-14th October 2017).

Together we can make a difference and we all have the ability to influence positive change, even if that is just one conversation at a time. Thank You.


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