This Old Ghost

Take a look at this fantastic short animated film 'This Old Ghost'. 'This Old Ghost' was developed from a poem written by James Lloyd and is a collaboration between James, Liz Smith and the website 'The Secret Illness'.

James is a writer and science journalist in the UK and has suffered with OCD since childhood, he provided the voiceover for the animation. The animation itself was created by filmmaker Liz Smith.

The Secret Illness is a project developed to explore the realities of living with OCD through the creative arts. A fantastic concept and one in which OCD-UK fully support. The Secret Illness interviewed James about this piece which you can read on their website at:

Thank you so much to James and The Secret Illness for sharing their work with us and giving us permission to show through our website.

This Old Ghost

There’s something wrong with me,

but it’s not something you can see.

I’ve got no scar or suspect rash,

no lump or bump or missing limb,

no sudden slump or system crash.

It’s this old ghost I’ve got, you see.

It only shows its face to me.

It plants these questions in my head

and sends them spinning round my chest.

It never settles down to sleep;

it never lets me get some rest.

And when I try to wriggle free,

this wicked ghost, it clings to me.

It whispers stories of my doom,

this effervescent thing, it looms

and fleshes out my brittle bones

while I’m out swimming in the sea.

But just as I’m about to flee,

far out into the gloom I see

a thousand faces blinking back,

all floating on the open sea.

They’re smiling as I watch them glow,

a dreamy moonlit lantern show,

all drifting through the same deep black –

I wave at them and they wave back –

one thousand hands against the sky,

one thousand souls who’ve gone awry,

all swimming through the same cold sea,

and they’ve all got old ghosts like me.

Poem written by James Lloyd.

This work is copyright of the author and must not be reproduced without the consent and permission of the author.


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