Your Ocd

Every day we receive letters, poems, stories and artwork from people with OCD that fascinate, move and inspire us. In this section of the website we will endeavour to publish some of your letters, poetry and other creative features.

OCD may be what brings us all together, but it is our individuality and artistic mind that makes us who we are.

If you do submit any work, please include a covering email/letter to tell us a little about your work, and what inspired it, and if you wish us to publish anonymously or using your name.

Your Poetry

OCD-UK would like to hear from those of you that are affected by OCD who have a poetic bent and would like to share with us in a poem how their OCD makes them actually ‘feel’. What does your OCD feel like? The poem could be emotional, sad, witty or in whatever mood you would like to express yourself about your own particular OCD. Poetry can be a very successful medium of expression about subjects that may be difficult to portray in other formats. It can throw a light, strike a chord or suddenly depict in words what we all may be experiencing in our heads. This is a an opportunity for those of you who find poetry compelling to let us know the emotions that are within you regarding your OCD.


Your Letters and Stories

If you have a creative talent for the written word, or simply wish to submit a letter then we really want to hear from you. Maybe you have written a letter to yourself about your OCD in the past, and wish to share it with the world, or simply wish to express yourself in some way. Get writing today.


Your Creative Work

What as become evident is the extraordinary creative talent of many people with OCD have (just like those without OCD of course), and this is the place we intend to showcase that! Maybe you sing about your OCD, produce films, draw or create design work. Maybe your OCD helped inspire you, or maybe you are just creative, regardless of OCD, we want to display it here for the world to see.


We receive hundreds of emails and letters a week, and whilst we will make every effort to publish your submitted work as quickly as we can, sometimes this may take a while, and may be published in our magazine exclusively first, before being placed online. When your work is published either in the magazine, or online we will notify you.

By submitting your work to OCD-UK you are granting OCD-UK permission to publish your work in either our magazine, or on our website, or both.


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